It has been a long year so far, hasn’t it? Many of you are, against all odds, juggling childcare, responsibilities at home, teams at work, worrying about the pandemic, worrying about loved ones on the frontlines, all while serving communities that need your help now more than ever.

It is even more startling when you realize just how much more we must rely on technology to do our work.

Digital Now is here to help.  In the last couple of months, we have grown into a platform that can gently guide you through this confusing and overwhelming new world of work and digital communications.  We have carefully curated and produced articles, guides, and expert interviews on everything from holding virtual workshops to designing an email newsletter and the best way to use social media channels to get the word out.  

If you like structure, you can explore the learning pathways we put together to help guide you through the material. If you want a less linear approach, we have playlists on the homepage around various themes like social media or content production. For visual and auditory learners, there is a plethora of videos in addition to our growing library of podcast interviews.

If you have time on your hands and decide to dive in headfirst, you will find enough material here to grow your skills and prepare yourself for whatever normal will look like in a few months.



If you are busy juggling homeschooling your children while managing teams halfway across the world, you will save time because we distilled the essentials for you so you can get back to helping people.

If you just need to take a break from everything so you can take care of yourself, we’ve got you covered with resources on mental health, managing stress, and wellbeing while working from home.


Let’s figure this out together.


We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your experience working from home and grappling with new technology, what you miss about the old days, what you want to see us write about in this newsletter or on the Digital Now site, or anything at all really. We’re here to support your growth in this constantly-changing digital world. You can email us at, or write to UNDP on social media, but make sure you use the hashtag #DigitalNow.

We’ll be sending out these newsletters regularly for the next six weeks, with curated content around a new theme every time. If you think a friend or colleague might benefit from reading it, feel free to tell them about it.

Thank you for spending some time with us today. Be well and stay safe.

-Your project team