Reading materials


  • Newsletter Marketing: Best Practices

    How do you create newsletters that keep your readers engaged in the long-term with your cause? How do you craft its content in such a way that it compels them to click through to your website, and to keep coming back for more? How do you use it to measure reader engagement and whether they find your message appealing?

  • MS Outlook: How to Master Email

    Learn how to leverage the powerful tools within Outlook to craft compelling emails, manage lists, schedule messages and use a daily tool more effectively.

  • Digital Ads: What Makes a Good Keyword?

    What's in a keyword? How do you want users to find your content? When launching an ad campaign on digital platforms like search engines, organisations have to think about the keywords they want their brand to be associated with, and spend accordingly for high rankings in search results.

  • Introduction to Digital Advertising

    How do organisations advertise online? Out of the various types of digital ads that exist, including ads on social media, native content embedded in news sites, pop-ups and others, how do you decide which one is right for you?

  • Introduction to Mobile & UX Design

    How do your readers access your content? Through an app on their phones, mobile browsers, a tablet, or a desktop? Should you design your website to be mobile-friendly and meet your readers where they are? What design elements should you incorporate into your mobile phone app? Why does it matter?