How Nonprofits Can Benefit From Great Social Media Content



How do I make the most of Facebook, Twitter & Other Channels?

Many advantages of social media marketing apply to both businesses and nonprofits. This guide explains how a nonprofit can adapt unique social platform features to their own challenges, like planning ahead for funding drives, using the intimacy of social media to tell personal stories that connect with users, and leveraging the fundraising infrastructure on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to make it painless for users to give to charity. [Go to article]


How do you make the most of social media as a nonprofit?

How can you optimize how you use it to better advocate for your cause, raise more donations, and engage more deeply with constituents? This guide compiles best practices for nonprofits to better leverage their social media presence, starting with figuring out the best channel to disseminate the message, to how to track your performance, and scheduling content. [Go to article]