How to Create Great Content for Each Social Media Channel



Should I be on Twitter?

How do the best brands, influencers, news outlets and pop culture icons use Twitter to shape the global conversation? Twitter is a powerful social media tool, news aggregator, and public square rolled into one. This guide will get you started with basic skills like setting up a bio to creating dynamic campaigns, while explaining how you can leverage the platform to expand your reach and creating new sources of revenue. [Go to article]


How can I build my presence on YouTube?

YouTube, the world’s largest repository of video content, has more than a billion active users and can be accessed in 76 different languages. Roughly a third of the time users spend online goes to watching videos, making the platform an essential part of any digital marketing plan. This guide details how you can create your own channel and incorporate it into your digital communications strategy. [Go to article]


Is Instagram easy to use?

Instagram can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of social media channels, particularly if your plan involves reaching out to younger audiences and engaging them in your marketing campaigns. But using the platform well is not just about taking the perfect picture. This guide will help you develop visual storytelling skills and use unique features like hashtags and stories to build up your Instagram following. [Go to article]


How can I make the most of Facebook?

No social network matches Facebook’s reach. Its 2.5 billion users spend an average of 50 minutes every day on the site. Mastering Facebook’s algorithms and following best practices when publishing content on the site can offer enormous opportunities for digital marketers. These principles include a consistent publishing schedule and regular user interactions, and leveraging features like Facebook videos, with the aim of building engagement and insights into your audience. [Go to article]