Introduction to Mobile & UX Design



Why is Mobile UX Design relevant?

How do you cater to the 60% of global Internet users who access the web through their phones? This guide explains the key principles of mobile UX design, which aims to create a user-friendly experience for users who consume your content on their handheld devices. These include developing a minimalistic interface with few distractions, ensuring the content is legible, minimizing typing, and making is easy to navigate with finger taps. [Go to article]


What's the difference between mobile apps vs mobile web?

Mobile apps are programs that are developed specifically for use on handheld devices like smartphones. Because mobile apps are popular among younger demographics, and account for 57% of digital media usage, it is crucial that their design is user-friendly and efficient. This list describes five key principles to take into account when developing mobile apps, including simple and consistent navigation and a powerful search feature. [Go to article]