Social Media Content Planning for Nonprofits



Is it possible to plan content in advance?

Social media today is an essential marketing tool for organisations of all sizes. But without a strategy in place, its impact on the bottom line will be minimal. This article walks you through the process of building an effective social media strategy, starting with auditing your online presence, building a deeper understanding of your audience, and figuring out how a loyal following on social media can be converted into revenue. [Go to article]


Should social calendars be different for Nonprofits?

Building an effective social media strategy is crucial for most organisations, but nonprofits face unique challenges, such as the seasonality of fundraising campaigns. This guide explains how scheduling and planning your content in advance, as well as closely following performance metrics, can help you get organised and take advantage of the unique features available to social media marketers to make funding drives and donor campaigns a success. [Go to article]