• Adapting to Change

    Being comfortable with change is a crucial skill for digital professionals. In this video, you will hear how a business leader successfully adapted to a new reality.

  • Social Marketing Through Influence

    How do you build and sustain a fanbase of millions of people on social media? How do you leverage that following into deep, committed engagement with a brand or humanitarian cause? This video delves into the world of social media influencers, offering a peek behind the scenes into their everyday life and work.

  • Social Media’s Lingo

    As the social media universe expands, so does the terminology we use to describe all the new ways we engage with each other.

  • How to Produce and Market Compelling Content on Social Media

    Crafting engaging, relevant and meaningful content and promoting it on social media can help you build a powerful online community. But how do you go about producing material for platforms like Twitter or Instagram? And how do you spread the word?

  • The Universe of Digital Communications

    The universe of digital communications encompasses websites and mobile sites and apps; social media; email; search engines; and advertising.

  • A Guide to Digital Storytelling

    Digital storytelling allows you to use the powerful digital tools at your disposal tell a compelling story that spurs your followers into action.